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Sometimes ALLAH upsets your plans
to set up his own plans..
ALLAH's plans r perfect.
So never get upset
when your plans get upset

Have faith in ALLAH
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Why it is hard 2tel TRUTH,but easy 2LIE?
Y do v sleep DURING SALAH time but wake up when SALAH is over..
Y is it hard2 talk abt ALLAH,bt easy 2talk abt NASTY STUFF?
Y r v bored 2luk at ISLAMIC MAGAZINE, bt easy 2luk at dirty 1?
Y is it ezy2 delete RELIGIOUS MSG,bt v 4ward nonsense 1.
Y r MASJIDS geting smaller,bt BARS & CLUBS growin.
Y do u waste time and money using MOBILE bt nt reading QURAN.
Think abt it..
R u 4ward'g dis?
ALLAH is watching u..
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"When you have to
depart fro this world
and have to meet
death (eventually)
then why wish delay
(why feel nervous)
about death .."

Hazrat Ali [R.A]
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